Churchstanton School Allotments Charity

Charity 310171


Ex-officio: The Rector for the time being

3 Nominative: 2 by the Parish Council (4 years)

1 by the Rector & Churchwardens. (4 years)

Co-optative Trustee: 5 years, by resolution of the Trustees excluding retiring one.

Income: From letting land or, after sale of the land, income from the capital.


1. Upkeep of the property.

2. Benefit of persons under 25 years of age

(a) scholarships, bursaries etc. for approved education.

(b) tools, clothing, travel etc. for professional development

(c) promote religious education, Sunday schools etc.

(d) other education, incl. social and physical training.

Trustees: Rector, Ian Hooper, Peter Hopcraft, Barbara Simpson, Philip Morris

Contact: Ian Hooper, 4, Church Road Cottages, Churchinford, Taunton  TA3 7QJ.

Tel: 01823  601347