A Blackdown Hills Community

Churchstanton is a parish in the Blackdown Hills on the borders of Devonshire and from which county it was transferred to Somerset in 1895. This coincided with local government re-organisation and when the Parish Council was formed.

Historically, it was a scattered community with a population of about 300, rising to over 500 by 1800. There was a single room school in the churchyard of the Parish Church. In the mid 19th century, the flax mill in Stapley, for which a considerable acreage in the parish grew flax, became a silk mill. The increase in employment led to an increase in population to about 1,000. In 1879, the school was built at Cox Hill for 130 children. With the closure of the mill, the population again declined and was only 350 in 1910.

Churchinford, notably where six roads meet, remained relatively small until the latter half of the 20th. century. The successive building of Wellesley Way, Fairfield Green, Trents Farm redevelopment and Barn Close have now made Churchinford the main, and majority, centre of population of the parish. The Village Hall, Churchinford Pre-School, the Community Shop, the York Inn and the new Public Open Space are all here.

The Women’s Institute, the Golden Age Club, the Blackdown Hills Gardening Club, the Monday coffee mornings and monthly Film Club, Over-65’s lunches and Village Market, all in the Village Hall, make for a lively community, while the cricket and football club is a mile out from the village.

St Peter & St Paul Churchstanton

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